What are the advantages of being a bilingual in today’s society?

In today’s globalized economy, the advancements in technology have helped making people connect with other cultures. Open markets make industrialized goods, as well as artistic ones, cross ethnic, religious and national borders with much more ease. In this scenario, bilingualism has become an important advantage. Being a bilingual is not merely someone who can speak two languages, but most of all, ones who can transition between different cultures.



Speaking a language besides your native one is very providential when going abroad. This is especially true when one of them is English, which has become an international lingua franca. Spanish and Chinese are other widely used languages around the world. Any one of those languages will be vital for establishing communication with a greater number of people.

On the other hand, languages are not merely functional as communication tools. By knowing a second language, you can also amplify your world view by developing a critical knowledge of languages and communication. This way, a bilingual person can take advantage of their position even without meaning to travel. In today’s world, the profusion of information can be overwhelming without this kind of critical thinking.

With the ability to communicate with a wider audience while being open to new cultures and worldviews, bilinguals have everything one needs to excel in this globalized world. These two assets, in fact, contribute greatly to making someone a true cosmopolitan.


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